Forty-one years ago today, Mt. St. Helens in Washington erupted violently, laying waste to hundreds of square miles of surrounding forest and killing 57 people. Prior to the eruption, many months of smaller explosions and seismic events indicated that more serious eruption was coming. On the morning of May 18, 1980, an earthquake at 8:32am local time caused the entire north side of the mountain to slide away which created the largest landslide ever
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We are still spending more time at home these days (*sigh*), but Family Science and Family Engineering have always encouraged families to explore and become aware of science and engineering happening in their everyday lives. When we really start looking, science and engineering are everywhere! So, here are a few ways that science and engineering showed up at my house in April 2021. Spring – The flowers are in full bloom around here, and after
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This week is National Library Week (April 4-10, 2021), and we are BIG fans of libraries. There are so many amazing resources that you can access at libraries in addition all the fantastic books and magazines. And those resources are free with just a library card! When my children were young, we went to the library regularly, and when I worked at a school, my teachers used library resources extensively. Here are just a few
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There are so many great STEM activities to do at home, but sometimes you do need some extra tools to make them happen. Here are the top two items that we would suggest you have on hand to make STEM exploration richer and easier. 1) Measuring Tools – STEM exploration involves a lot of measuring, and most folks have at least some basic measuring devices around their homes. You can measure length or size with
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Hey folks! This Sunday, March 14, 2021, is Pi Day, and it’s time for some celebration! Pi Day celebrates the mathematical constant (symbolized by the Greek letter π) that stands for the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. The value of pi is often said to be 3.14159… Why the dots? Well, pi has been calculated to over 3 trillion digits, and we just don’t have time or space to offer
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