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This week is National Library Week (April 4-10, 2021), and we are BIG fans of libraries. There are so many amazing resources that you can access at libraries in addition all the fantastic books and magazines. And those resources are free with just a library card! When my children were young, we went to the library regularly, and when I worked at a school, my teachers used library resources extensively.

Here are just a few of the resources that you can access at the library in addition to books:


Most libraries include a broad selection of music CDs, so if you still have a CD player in your home or car, check out a new genre or an old favorite.


We loved getting free movies, TV shows, and documentaries from the library on a regular basis. Some libraries now have ways to stream older video content now as well.


I still listen to audiobooks regularly, and now I get them through the library virtually. Audiobooks are great for listening to during quiet times at home or in a classroom or for long road trips.

Odds & Ends

Libraries also check out all kinds of things! From binoculars and board games to yogurt makers and Zoo passes, libraries can be an incredible resource for things you’d like to try. Every library offers a different collection of non-book items, so check-out your library to see what they have to borrow. (Here’s one list of some of the amazing things that libraries offer.)

Resources for Teachers

One way our local library supports teachers is by providing a “bucket of books.” A teacher needs only to let a librarian know what subject and reading level they are looking for, give the librarians about a week, and they will provide a full bucket of books for your classroom. Check out what your library has to offer for teachers! (Here’s one list of the possibilities.)

If you haven’t visited your library lately, get out there and show your library some love!